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Ottawa’s Karson Group is an integrated construction and materials company located in Eastern Ontario. It is one of the region’s most progressive road builders, and with 10 pits and quarries, it is also one of the largest.

The Karson Group comprises three divisions: Karson Konstruction, Karson Asphalt Paving and Karson Aggregates.

Karson Konstruction

Karson Konstruction is responsible for road construction, site preparation, and remediation services. Highway 417 from Kanata to Bayshore and the new Terry Fox extension in Kanata are two prime examples of the quality of Karson’s work.

Karson Asphalt Paving

Karson Asphalt Paving Inc., (KAP), is responsible for the production of asphalt and paving services for both Karson projects and customer contracts.

The combinations of the paving and construction divisions provide 3 interrelated services within their road construction and paving sectors:

  • Municipal Road and Infrastructure Construction
  • Asphalt Paving – including testing and mix design
  • Commercial Site Development

With respect to commercial site development Karson typically provides site services such as building site excavation, sewer & water installations, granular work, asphalt paving, and overall site completion. In addition they offer utility installation services such as gas, hydro, and telecommunications.

Karson Aggregates

Karson Aggregates is responsible for producing a wide range of aggregate products for both internal use and for sale to their valued customers. This division has the ability and means to supply large and small scale projects with the granular products and the services they require. The company also provides home delivery services for those living in the City of Ottawa and surrounding areas. Karson Aggregates is equipped with a fleet of trucks including tri-axles, trailers, water trucks and floats to serve our customers’ varied needs.

With more than 200 million tonnes of reserves, the Karson Group has enough aggregate to serve Ottawa and eastern Ontario markets for the next century and beyond. Aggregates are available for roadbeds, asphalt paving, and ready-mix concrete.  Sand or topsoil is available for concrete production, landscaping and golf course construction.

 Their aggregate facilities include:

• 4 limestone quarries in current production
• 6 sand pits
• 30 trucks available for delivery

USGA Quality Golf Course Materials

The Karson Group is a reputable supplier of “non-calcareous” root zone sand and mixtures that are necessary as free draining growth mediums on golf greens.

Quality Control

The Karson Group recognizes the importance of providing customers with products that are “on spec” to ensure that projects run efficiently and are not held up due to incorrect or poor quality products. Their Quality Control department was created to perform regular testing of our aggregates and asphalt to ensure that they not only meet specification, but conform to The Karson Group's high standards of approval.

The Karson Group has CCIL certified laboratories that provide design to placement services for Karson Asphalt Paving, gradation and physical properties testing for Karson Aggregates and compaction placement services for Karson Konstruction.

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