Safety First Employer of Choice


At Aecon we believe that, as one of Canada’s leading builders, we have a responsibility to respect the broad principles of sustainability, and to embed these principles in our corporate culture and values.  To us, this means striving to deliver infrastructure that supports our economy and our society in ways that are sensitive to the needs of the communities in which we work, and to the environment that will be passed on to future generations.  In this way, we aspire to have a positive impact wherever we conduct our business.

We understand that sustainability is just as important to our clients and their stakeholders as it is to our shareholders and employees.  It is part of how we create value as a company, and we have a shared pride in the sustainability achievements of our clients through the projects we complete.

“Undeniable environmental changes have created a major shift in consciousness and sense of responsibility in corporations, NGO's, governments and the general public.  The significance of these realities challenges everyone to put their words into action - to do their part to ensure the sustainability of our environment within their capability.  Aecon is committed to continuing and expanding its contribution to sustainability."

John M. Beck, Executive Chairman, Aecon Group Inc.

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