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Fraud Warning: It has come to our attention that various international organizations or individuals have been offering false employment opportunities at Aecon Group Inc. These individuals will offer to fast track Canadian working visa applications in exchange for a payment. Such offers are fraudulent and intended to steal from the victims.

Aecon Group Inc. employment policies and processes in Canada involve personal interviews, and candidates who seek employment with us are never required to pay us any sum of money. To do so would be contrary to our business conduct guidelines and ethical practices. We take this matter extremely seriously and are working with the appropriate legal authorities to shut down such fraudulent schemes. Read more here
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Aecon’s commitment to the communities in which it does business extends to Quito, Ecuador, where Aecon and its partners are developing the New Quito International Airport (NQIA).  

Quiport, the concession company formed by Aecon and its partners to develop the NQIA, is investing in the communities it serves in a number of ways:

Virtual Classrooms

In an area with low education levels and little access to the internet, the creation of “virtual classrooms” for local community members has become Quiport’s most renowned community investment project for the NQIA. Classrooms have been implemented in an educational centre in six surrounding parishes. In order to ensure that the Project becomes a sustainable small business in the long-term, one or two local community members are trained for six months by Quiport and become responsible for administering the classroom.

A free lance teacher with expertise in computers has also been hired by Quiport to provide local community members with specific training according to their requirements. As of June, 2011, more than 7000 local community members have received computer related training.

Job Training Program

This program evolved due to the lack of skilled local labour available for airport employment positions during construction and operation. Training has been focused on providing local community members surrounding the NQIA with skills related to specialized services that meet NQIA (and spin-off business) employment demands.

Since the program’s inception in 2006, more than 2500 people from the surrounding parishes have received specific and specialized training.

Creation of Community Small Businesses

As a result of the job training program, it became apparent that local community members were interested in forming small businesses that could provide services to the NQIA during operations. Quiport is currently working with five groups interested in forming community small businesses, one of which has recently become a legal company. Quiport provides these groups with training, legal advice and assistance in the formation of a legal company.

Environmental Education Program

This program is focused on raising environmental awareness among school children surrounding the Mariscal Sucre International Airport. Courses such as biodiversity, forestation, deforestation, contamination, traffic, home safety and recycling are typically offered.

One of the results of this program has been the implementation of organic garden projects at five of educational centers surrounding the existing airport with 450 participants up to date.

Scholarship Program

Education is considered one of the pillars of Social Responsibility. Quiport established a scholarship program in that has grown to the point where it now awards more than 50 scholarships a year to vulnerable children facing poverty, learning disabilities or family problems.


Small Social Aid Fund (SSAF)

This fund was created to help children with genetic syndromes such as Down and Hurler Syndrome. Quiport helps these children with medication, consultation with specialized doctors and nutrition. This group of children form part of the Scholarship Program beneficiaries.

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