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Building a Sustainable Energy Future – Through Innovation

Innovative Steam Technologies (IST) is powering a pathway to success by creating cleaner and more efficient energy solutions for people around the world.

At present, more than two-thirds of U.S. electricity is generated from fossil fuel combustion and energy demand is rising faster than ever. Since 1990, energy usage in Canada has risen by 21.2%. The long-term price and demand of energy is likely to climb steadily into the foreseeable future in addition to increasing concerns about heavy environmental costs.

Greenhouse gases released by processes such as the burning of fuels to create electricity and other forms of energy contribute significantly to global warming and poor air quality. This has provoked a global call for advanced clean energy technologies that can get us closer to the ultimate target of zero emissions. The demand for clean energy technology innovation has created strong incentives for innovation in the energy marketplace. IST had addressed this changing landscape 15 years prior to any calls for global change, by rapidly developing a range of world-class leading-edge energy generation technologies.

The foundational technology is called Once Through Steam Generators (OTSG). OSTGs generate more profit for power plants by reducing installation, fuel and operating costs, while increasing power output and return on investment and reducing the use of fossil fuels. OTSG applications include Combined Cycle, Cogeneration, Gas Turbine Steam-Injection, Emissions Control Systems; and Enhanced Oil Recovery.

“The common theme for all these applications is the production of more efficient energy for our customers,” says IST President, Bob Dautovich. “We partner with them to help make their application, and their business, more successful.”

An OTSG is inherently an environmental product. Each one is designed to recover waste energy that is otherwise just being emitted into the atmosphere. Each function is configured to remove nitrous oxides and carbon monoxide, both of which are greenhouse gases and contribute to climate change.

The OTSG product improves efficiency so there’s less fossil fuel burned. That means IST’s customers are sending less carbon into the atmosphere, which in turn contributes to enhancing the triple bottom line:

  • Reducing operational costs and therefore increase ROI
  • Improving air quality, safety standards and energy efficiency, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and reducing emissions
  • Positively impacting the communities in the facilities’ surrounding regions, enhancing their quality of life

“It’s something we’re extremely proud of,” says Dautovich. We engineer and build the pressure part modules here in Cambridge. That provides employment here. And we also subcontract fabrication of components in Turkey, which also helps the local economy there.”

IST is also indirectly improving the lives of people in under-developed countries, Jim McArthur IST Vice President of Operations says. “We’ve provided equipment to a power plant in Bolivia, which has created jobs for people living there. The power plant will use the waste steam from existing gas turbines to produce more power for the fuel being burned. This re-capturing of heat, currently being vented to the atmosphere, reduces the carbon footprint of the power plant.”

IST continues to design and develop more clean energy technology. Its newest initiative will provide turnkey waste heat to power plants allowing customers to productively utilize the heat generated from their own or from neighboring companies’ industrial processes.

IST has embarked on a series of waste-reduction lean initiatives that focus on optimizing the efficiencies of space, time and materials. Collectively, IST has reduced costs by more than 10% over the past two years. It operates in a collaborative work environment in addition to being employee-driven, often recognizing and honoring the outstanding performance of its employees. 

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