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Sustainable Transit

Building public transit is not just about better technology, it’s also about being environmentally responsible. As cities grow, roads become congested, increasing harmful carbon emissions. And so, as governments focus more and more on sustainability, they will be investing billions of dollars in public transit.

Aecon is currently working on the Air Rail Link (ARL) project, a rail link between Toronto’s Pearson International Airport and downtown Union Station. This project is an important part of expanding the transit network in the Greater Toronto Area. When work is completed, the line will replace 1.2 million annual trips by car to and from the airport, and Toronto will be a step closer to being a more eco-friendly city.

Elsewhere in Toronto, transit projects with which Aecon is involved, are improving the experience of commuters and the overall image of the city – notably the refurbishment of the Union Station train shed. Union Station has been a Toronto landmark since construction began in 1913 and about 200,000 passengers pass through the station on any given business day. Because the station is an important part of Toronto’s cultural heritage, it will be rebuilt to restore its original historic structure. The refurbishment of the train shed will include a new steel roof and a large glass atrium, as well as new stair access points and passenger elevators to improve the commute.

Aecon is also expanding the TTC subway from Downsview Station, on the Spadina Line, to what will be a newly built Sheppard West station. This extension will greatly add to travelling efficiency because the Spadina Line is part of Toronto’s busiest subway lines. This is currently Toronto’s most challenging and complex transportation project but when the work is finished, for the first time, passengers will be able to travel by subway outside the city’s core to the York Region. This subway extension is vital to the economic vitality of the Greater Toronto Area, easing congestion, facilitating commutes and social connectivity.

Through participation in projects like the Edmonton Light Rail Transit (LRT) project, Aecon has been privileged to be able to contribute to the busy city’s eco-friendly initiatives. This LRT project was completed in 2009, and since that time it has provided residents with a sustainable alternative to travelling by car.

There is a strong, positive link between investment in public transit programs and the environment and health and wellbeing of a city’s inhabitants. In Waterloo, for example, the Sustainable Waterloo Region organization estimates that the city’s plans for a new light rail system will result in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of 22,260 tonnes per year by 2031.

As our nation’s cities roll out a series of transit programs over the coming years, Aecon sees not only great business opportunities within our core construction capabilities, but also opportunities to build stronger relationships with the communities we serve and to positively impact the environment for future generations. In Aecon’s public transit projects and pursuits, we are Building Things That Matter.

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