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Safety First


What does reduction of idling time have to do with making a positive difference to Aecon and the environment?  “When you look at the cost and impact of the massive amount of idling among our civil and utility fleet, and reduce that by an annual savings of over $400,000 – plus lower carbon emissions – the connection becomes clear,” says Teri McKibbon, COO, Aecon Group.

In 2006, in conjunction with BSM Wireless, Aecon Infrastructure launched a major initiative that installed tracking technology on every piece of machinery it owns.  That represents a fleet of over 3,000 vehicles and equipment.  The action was taken, explains McKibbon, “to ensure that every engine is running efficiently and properly, and has the right balance of air ratios, and to assess idling time.  When an engine sits there idling, you’re burning fuel – and you’re producing massive emissions.”


Environmental and Financial Results of Reduced Idling

"Since the Anti-Idling initiative was officially launched in 2006, Aecon monitored more than 105,000 idling hours saved per annum.  This represents almost 700 metric tons of carbon saved annually through lower emissions and fuel consumption.  To further quantify this savings, it’s the equivalent of taking 128 passenger vehicles off the road in a year – or the carbon sequestered by 159 acres of pine forest in a year. ("


Going the Extra Mile to Conserve Energy

To further conserve energy and reduce associated costs, Aecon Infrastructure installed cab heaters in the Utility vehicles that had to run idle in order to provide heat into the vehicle.  They also replaced incandescent bulbs with Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting.  LEDs unlike ordinary incandescent bulbs, have no filament.  They require less energy, produce less heat and last an average six times longer than incandescent bulbs.


Triple Benefits of Sustainability-Focused Fleet Management

All in all, Aecon’s approach provides a triple sustainability benefit:

Annualized 30% to 40% fuel savings from cab heater usage, an approximate savings of $1.25 million in fuel (when comparing total minutes saved to baseline, at an idling cost of $0.20 per idling minute), and energy savings from the LED installation.

There are human resources benefits too.  As McKibbon explains, “We continue to spend a lot of money in automation of equipment.  You can take a person with very little experience today, put them on a piece of equipment and inject the GPS controls on the BSM model.  This enhances the safety of our fleet operators, preserves the equipment and speeds up the learning curve from a training perspective.” Collectively, this initiative positively impacts the environment by reducing carbon emissions, conserving energy, speeding up the learning curve and enhancing safety, by maintaining real-time communication with drivers and fleet managers.

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