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Fraud Warning: It has come to our attention that various international organizations or individuals have been offering false employment opportunities at Aecon Group Inc. These individuals will offer to fast track Canadian working visa applications in exchange for a payment. Such offers are fraudulent and intended to steal from the victims.

Aecon Group Inc. employment policies and processes in Canada involve personal interviews, and candidates who seek employment with us are never required to pay us any sum of money. To do so would be contrary to our business conduct guidelines and ethical practices. We take this matter extremely seriously and are working with the appropriate legal authorities to shut down such fraudulent schemes. Read more here
Safety First

Our People & Culture

Ask an Aecon employee and most will say the work we do coast to coast, here and abroad, can easily be summarized as challenging, dynamic, fast-paced and exciting. The sectors in which we carry out some of the country's biggest projects - developing resources, generating power, expanding transportation, and enhancing our social, manufacturing and urban infrastructure -demands equally dynamic qualities in our people. And we say with pride, that we have that at Aecon. We strive to hire the most talented, determined, qualified people in the business, offer them generous opportunities to grow and develop their careers, and do so in an environment that encourages success under the framework of our Vision, Mission and Core Values.


Aecon Women and Inclusion Network

Aecon Women Inclusion Network

The Aecon Women Inclusion Network (AWIN) inspires all women to reach their full career potential. With the words “inclusion” and “network” firmly based in its foundation, AWIN aims to build meaningful connections through a broad range of participation. The group’s leadership consists of an Executive Sponsor, Chair, Advisor and Council Members.

The mission of AWIN is to:

  • Establish a robust mentorship program that allows women to meet and network with other Aecon employees on a similar career path.
  • Develop and leverage a strong AWIN presence externally in support of attracting, retaining and advancing women in the industry.
  • Build stronger awareness internally to ensure overall understanding of what AWIN offers to Aecon from a business, operations and people perspective.

By leveraging AWIN “champions” across the country and Aecon’s operating segments, value is brought to Aecon through AWIN programs/mobile workshops/seminars designed to address some of the challenges faced by women and their families that can influence their professional contributions.


Military Employment Transition Logo

Military Recruitment

Aecon is a proud and preferred Employment Partner with Canada Company.  

The Military Employment Transition Program is a key Canada Company initiative that supports transitioning Canadian Armed Forces members and former members to private sector employment. Aecon will consider all levels of military experience and will help transition your career into civilian life. Aecon is also a proud supporter of the Military Spouse Program.

Interested in seeing how your military experience can transition to a career at Aecon? Access our Career Matching sheet here!

What does it mean to work at Aecon?
Here's how one Aecon employee summarizes it...

“Pride is an emotion which refers to a strong sense of self-respect, a refusal to be humiliated, as well as joy in the accomplishments of oneself or a person, group, nation or object that one identifies with.  I have Aecon Pride.

I was privileged enough to participate in the First Annual Safety Conference.  At the end of the three-day conference, we all received Aecon embroidered jackets, which I proudly wore immediately and still do to this day. 

A jacket?  What is the importance of a jacket?  Well let me tell you, I wear that jacket with Pride. 

It was a Saturday afternoon when I was driving and happened to see a man raking leaves.  On any other day I’d have driven by unnoticed, but not this day, not this man, for he was wearing an Aecon embroidered jacket.  I honked the horn, held up the embroidered sleeve of my red Aecon jacket and waved wildly, grinning from ear to ear.  I was like a child who had just seen a long, lost friend.  He smiled and waved in return.  We shared a bond; we were proud Aecon employees.  

I spent the rest of the day with a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Aecon is a company whose logo you wear proudly on your sleeve and thoughtfully in your heart.  It's no surprise that we received the 50 Best Employer ranking, for Aecon truly is an incredible employer! 
- Heather B.

Fabian Briceno
Brian Pigott

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