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Safety First

Public Transit

Environmentally-responsible public transportation has never been more essential to the Canadian landscape than it is today. As our cities continue to grow and prosper, our road systems have become increasingly congested and less sustainable. Accordingly, governments are aggressively pursuing alternative methods of sustainable transportation, the backbone of which is often an integrated mobility grid of intercity, metro commuter and urban light rail systems.

Getting it Right
Rapid transit projects are unique. They are extremely complex and can often be intrusive to the existing streetscape and community, especially in densely populated urban environments. As well as being technically challenging, the linear nature of rapid transit projects requires significant coordination across multiple government jurisdictions, including residents, businesses, road authorities, utility companies, civic groups, emergency departments (police, paramedics, fire), and existing transit systems. At Aecon, we understand that process...and we manage that process, effectively and efficiently.

 Our Capabilities

Aecon’s expansive resources for planning, procuring and building large-scale infrastructure projects means we can handle all aspects of a transit project, from drawing board to ribbon cutting. Services include:

  • System engineering and integration
  • Safety and security controls
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Management and controls
  • Site preparation
  • Grading
  • Drainage and groundwater management
  • Road crossings and grade separations
  • Bridge construction
  • Road construction
  • Embankment and slope management
  • Retaining wall construction
  • Tunnel boring and tunnel lining
  • Materials engineering and testing
  • Aggregate and material supply
  • Utility locates
  • Utility services and relocations
    • gas/electrical/telecommunications/cable TV
    • water/street lighting
  • Substructure
    • sub-ballast
    • ballast
  • Superstructure
    • sleeper
    • fastening system
    • rail
  • Tamping and rail stabilization
  • System controls
    • signaling/lighting/security
  • System electrification
  • Station and platform construction
  • Finished construction
    • paving and concrete work
  • Landscaping



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