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Fabrication and Module Assembly

Pipe Fabrication

As one of North America’s largest pipe fabricators and module erectors, Aecon knows how to deliver. Our experienced team can produce pipe spools from virtually any material in sizes ranging from ½" to 60" in diameter. We operate seven shop facilities totaling 482,000 square feet, with 200 acres of yard capacity.  Our combined capacity gives us the ability to generate more than 2.5 million diameter inches, or 125,000 spools annually, delivering consistent and superior results for our clients.

The size of our company’s national operations means we are able to deliver on large, simultaneous projects, without jeopardizing tight production schedules, something that gives our customers the distinct advantage that comes from dealing with only one company - mitigating scheduling risks and logistical considerations.

Aecon’s in-house fabrication delivers significant scheduling and cost advantages for integrated projects coupled with single-point responsibility. All processes meet or exceed ASME, TSSA, PED, API and CWB standards.


Custom Steel Fabrication

Aecon Energy offers superior custom steel fabrication solutions, from inception to completion, by drawing on our vast expertise in delivering unique items to suit any client request. 

As a company, we invest heavily in modern fabrication equipment and state of the art computer information systems. We have implemented a Lean 5S system that enables us to see improvement in our operation in terms of productivity, efficiency, service and safety. Aecon also uses touch screens and RF scanners for our in-house shop floor data collection and control system that enables material and labour progress monitoring in a real-time environment. 

Our strict attention to material selection, joining specifications and inspection procedures ensure that the highest quality products are delivered. Thanks to the versatility of our custom steel fabrication capabilities, our offering includes:

  • Handrails, Guardrails & Stairs
  • Caged Ladders
  • Structural Pipe Supports
  • Catwalks & Hangers
  • Box Trusses
  • Mezzanines & Platforms
  • Conveyors Ducts/Coal Chutes
  • Furnace & Boiler Sidewalls
  • Hoppers     
  • Transitions     
  • Saddles     
  • Pedestrian Bridges
  • Crane Rails
  • Fence & Dam Gates
  • Headers Decks
  • Vessels and Heat Exchangers
  • Engineered Structures


Module Assembly

Thanks to its cost-effectiveness, ease of transport and time saving attributes, offsite modular assembly is quickly becoming the preferred method of construction in industrial development. The highly efficient process eliminates the barriers typically associated with tight project schedules, changing site conditions and availability of skilled field labour.

Our module yards are capable of simultaneously working on 200 modules at any given time, meeting the growing needs of both national and international clients.  To achieve this, our shops are harmonized under our "Best Practices" management system which allows us to replicate the same fabrication process throughout each facility.

Aecon constructs a wide range of modular assemblies using the latest in design technique. In addition to custom pre-fabricated pipe spools, our modules can packaged to improve project delivery globally and can incorporate a broad range of components including valves, instrumentation, cable tray and equipment, structural supports, and more. Aecon's modular construction capability adds another dimension to the services we offer - it helps us find better ways to solve difficult project construction challenges, saving our clients time and money.


Greg Martin

154 Sheldon Dr
Cambridge, ON N1R 7K9
Phone: (519) 740 7477Call: (519) 740 7477 x 3720

Ian Pocock
451 Elgin Street

Brantford, ON N3S 7P5
Phone: (519) 751-8000Call: (519) 740 7477 x 2244


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