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Safety First


We are at the forefront of code specifications and the latest testing and application of new firestopping technologies.  We have extensive experience with Firestop Systems by manufacturers such as Specified Technologies, Hilti & 3, utilizing a broad range of products including sealants, sprays, intumescent collars & cable firestopping devices.

The purpose of installing a listed Firestop System is to give back the fire resistance rating of a fire separation that has lost its fire rating due to openings (service penetrations, open cavities or joints) that could allow fire or smoke to pass to any other part of the building or to the interior of an adjoining hollow fire separation.

All Firestop Systems must be tested and listed by accredited third party testing agencies for their appropriate use.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Products DO NOT have ratings! SYSTEMS have ratings!

The reality is that throughout North America it is estimated that 95% of the openings, which are currently firestopped, are either installed incorrectly or have no documented classified system drawings to provide any evidence or proof of being code compliant.

Aecon is prepared to meet the building specifications. Before the work starts, Aecon builds a system submittal package. This allows the sub-trades on new construction projects the opportunity to create their opening based on the parameters set out within these selected systems.

Aecon understands the installation of complicated UL systems and if a unique condition is not covered by a UL design, we can provide a manufacturer’s engineered judgment.


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Electronic barrier management program (known as eBMP) is a web based system designed to manage the process of documenting all fire barrier penetrations and firestops within a building. The system maps the location of all walls and floors, inventories each firestop (along with a picture of the installation) and records when it was installed, what materials were used and its ULC System Number. Barcode labels on fire-rated walls and floors provide a permanent record of firestop locations for contractors doing renovation work. The system not only provides evidence of firestop compliance when a building is completed, it also provides building owners with a system they can use to maintain an inventory of the impact of low voltage cable changes on post-occupancy fire-barrier integrity.

 The South Health Campus will be the first building in Canada to be digitally certified by way of an Electronic Barrier Management Program via Aecon. 

Read the Case Study here.


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