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Aecon has a strong tradition of philanthropic activity across many causes. One of our goals for 2020 was to deepen the impact of our giving by focusing it in a small number of areas closely linked to our priorities as an organization.


Community Investment

After reflection and conversation, we determined to concentrate our support in two key areas – supporting the communities where we live and work and helping young people access opportunities and support. One example of an investment in the latter category was a $10,000 contribution to Pathways to Education, an organization committed to helping youth in low-income communities graduate from high school and successfully transition to post-secondary education, training and meaningful employment.


Gender Equality
Gender Equality
Economic Growth
Decent Work and Economic Growth
Sustainable Cities and Communities
Sustainable Cities and Communities
Partnerships for the Goals

NexGen Builders

Community Benefits

In addition to building the diversity of our own team, we’re working to diversify our entire industry, supporting programs like NexGen Builders and groups like the Toronto Community Benefits Network to draw diverse talent into the construction industry and to expand the circle of people who benefit from the rewards and satisfactions of this field

Indigenous Relations

Aecon supports the inclusion, engagement, and participation of Indigenous workers and communities in our projects across Canada. Our overall approach is guided by a formal Indigenous Engagement Strategy, which emphasizes respect, partnership, and mutually beneficial relationships.

Most of our projects include an Indigenous Engagement Plan, which outlines how we intend to maximize opportunities for Indigenous workers and for Indigenous businesses to act as subcontractors and suppliers. In addition to our formal joint ventures with Indigenous partners, we strive to cooperate and collaborate with Indigenous communities wherever we work — seeking mutually beneficial relationships across our entire project portfolio.


Aecon-Six Nations (A6N): Five and Thriving

A successful joint venture is a case study in building better together.

A6N, a joint venture between Aecon and the Six Nations of the Grand River in Ontario, not only celebrated its fifth anniversary in 2020 — it also renewed the agreements under which it has operated since 2015, committing to a new phase of partnership. With strong business results and a growing portfolio of successful projects, A6N leaders see plenty of opportunity ahead for this partnership between the largest Indigenous community in Canada and one of the country’s leading builders.

Explore Indigenous Relations
Aecon-Six Nations (A6N)