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Aecon Consortium Shortlisted for Quebec City’s Structuring Public Transit Network – Tramway Component

Sep 9, 2020

Groupe Tram du Lys, a consortium comprised of Aecon, ACS Infrastructure Canada Inc., Siemens Project Ventures and NGE Concessions, is one of the teams that have been shortlisted by Quebec City (Ville de Québec) to advance to the proposal stage for the design, build, finance and maintenance of Quebec City’s Structuring Public Transit Network – Tramway Component. Construction team members include Groupe Aecon Québec Ltée, Dragados Canada Inc., Siemens Mobility Limited and TSO SAS. Quebec City has budgeted $3.3 billion for the project.

The 22-kilometre tramway will connect Charlesbourg North to Sainte-Foy West, including 35 stations, three intermodal hubs, two terminus stations, a 2.6-kilometre tunnel, and two maintenance and storage facilities. The project will include a 30-year maintenance period.

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