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L.F. Wade International Airport Redevelopment Project

St.George's, Bermuda

Aecon is working with the Canadian Commercial Corporation and the government and people of Bermuda to develop, finance, operate and maintain Bermuda’s new world-class L.F. Wade International Airport. The new airport will have a lasting positive impact on Bermuda’s people, economy, businesses and future generations. It incorporates a number of sustainable innovations that are designed to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption, including:

  • The latest in LED lighting inside the terminal and on the airfield. The LEDs consume far less energy while providing better light, and they last up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent lamps, helping to reduce waste and maintenance requirements.
  • Terminal design and construction materials minimize requirements for building lighting and cooling. Dual panel glazing with an insulated and laminated coating allows ample natural light to enter the terminal, while minimizing radiant and convective/ conductive heat transfer and reducing the amount of lighting and air conditioning required.
  • The state-of-the-art building automation system that controls system performance by zones in the terminal can automatically reduce zone airflows and intake of outdoor air in response to actual occupancy in any given zone, significantly reducing energy consumption for cooling.
  • The new wastewater treatment system will produce wastewater that adheres to World Health Organization (WHO) environmental standards and enhances grey water recycling. The treated water will be recycled back to the terminal and used in a separate non-potable water system that serves in terminal washrooms.
  • Reflecting the needs of the hurricane-prone region, the design incorporates storm surge modelling and the ability to withstand wind uplift conditions and windspeeds of 277 km/h (172 mph), equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane.
Aerial image of Bermuda Airport

The L.F. Wade International Airport project also involves early and ongoing social investments in the Bermudian communities and biodiversity measures.

Over $275K invested so far in organizations including:

  • Bermuda Pacers Track Club
  • Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS)
  • Bermuda Centre for Creative Learning
  • Spirit of Bermuda/Bermuda Sloop Foundation
  • Bermuda End-to-End
  • Construction Association of Bermuda (CAOB)

Industry Awards

North America Airport
Deal of the Year (2017)


Best Transportation Project (2017)


Best Transit Project (2018)

Silver Medal

International Business
Award of Excellence (2018)

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