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Aecon adheres to rigorous standards of governance, ethics, compliance and risk management.

We frequently update our policies and protocols to ensure we’re keeping pace with leading practices in areas such as diversity and anti-corruption. We also work closely with our teams and suppliers to ensure that everyone associated with Aecon is prepared to achieve high levels of both performance and accountability.

Aecon's sustainability program has strong support across our organizations — from our Board, executive team and employees on job sites across Canada, and beyond. Our objectives are articulated in an overarching Sustainability Policy and our sustainability program, like all our activities, is grounded in Aecon's Core Values.

In 2022, Aecon’s Code of Conduct employee training was completed by 100% of its employees, and oversight of sustainability matters was moved from the Risk Committee to the Board of Directors, and Aecon’s sustainability expertise now fall under the umbrella of a larger division that oversees and addresses all stakeholder relations, creating cohesion in organizational communication and relationship management.

Board of Directors and Committees

Corporate Governance, Nominating and Compensation Committee

Oversees the Corporation’s overall corporate policy related to executive compensation and incentive plan design; develops an effective governance system for the Corporation; and reviews and assesses the Corporation’s governance practices and public disclosure on an ongoing basis.

Audit Committee

Monitors the integrity of the Corporation’s financial statements and reporting, the compliance by the Corporation with applicable legal and regulatory requirements relating to audit and internal controls, the independence, qualifications and performance of the Corporation’s external auditors, and the Corporation’s internal controls and audit function.

Environmental, Health and Safety Committee

Supports continuous improvement of healthy and safe workplaces. Responsible for annual review and approval of the Corporation’s EHS Strategic Plan and quarterly review and assessment of the Corporation’s EHS performance.

Risk Committee

Oversees the framework for managing project risks arising from the Corporation’s operations and business. Reviews and monitors the Corporation’s Enterprise Risk Management program.

Responsibility for Sustainability

The tables below lay out which areas of Aecon’s Board and leadership team are responsible for various aspects of the Corporation’s ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) program.

  • Climate Change Risks and Opportunities (Board)
  • Sustainability Report (Board)
  • Sustainability Policy (Board)
  • Environmental Targets (Board)
  • Environmental Management (CGNC Committee)
  • Environmental Incident Reporting (CGNC Committee)
  • Financial Reporting in Sustainability Report (Audit Committee)
  • Community Investment/Philanthropy (CGNC Committee)
  • Indigenous Strategy (CGNC Committee)
  • Diversity and Inclusion (CGNC Committee)
  • HR Management Matters Generally (CGNC Committee)
  • Health & Safety Policies and Programs (EHS Committee)
  • Health & Safety Performance (EHS Committee)
  • Stakeholder Engagement Activities (Risk Committee)
  • Shareholder Engagement Strategy (Board)
  • Enterprise Risk Management (Risk Committee)
  • Insurance Coverage (Risk Committee)
  • Cybersecurity (Risk Committee)
  • Executive and Director Compensation (CGNC Committee)
  • Compensation-Related Risk (CGNC Committee)
  • Setting Compensation Peer Group (CGNC Committee)
  • Board and Committee Composition (CGNC Committee)
  • Process re New Director Candidates (CGNC Committee)
  • Director Education and Onboarding (CGNC Committee)
  • Position Descriptions (CGNC Committee)
  • Board Annual Performance (CGNC Committee)
  • CEO/CFO/NEO Annual Performance (CGNC Committee)
  • Shareholder/Stakeholder Engagement (CGNC Committee)
  • Corporate and Board Policies (CGNC Committee)
  • Succession Planning (CGNC Committee)
  • Continuous Disclosure: MIC and AIF (CGNC Committee)
  • Continuous Disclosure: F/S and MD&A (Audit Committee)
  • Whistleblower Hotline Oversight (Audit Committee)
  • Sustainability Report (Risk/Audit/CGNC Committee)
  • Annual Review of Key Business Risks (Risk/Audit/CGNC Committee)

Responsible Supply Chain

Responsible Supply Chain
We promote ethical business conduct throughout our supply chain. We require all vendors and subcontractors to adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct. ESG has been expanded to include preferred suppliers with a goal of achieving a 100% completion rate for ESG screening. When we assess prospective preferred suppliers, our due diligence process takes into account close to 20 distinct dimensions of evaluation, including sustainability, diversity and inclusion and opportunities for Indigenous-owned businesses.

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Ethics Hotline

The Ethics Hotline is a way for Aecon employees and others to raise concerns or report wrongdoing. It is operated by an independent third party and offers you the ability to report anonymously, in full confidence and without fear of retaliation. The Ethics Hotline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Contact the Ethics Hotline


Aecon welcomes all feedback and innovative ideas on our sustainability initiatives and progress. Send us a message at

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Prabh Banga
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