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Diversity produces stronger problem-solvers, smarter collaborators, engaged teammates and better contributors for our clients and partners.


Aecon is committed to building a LGBTQIA+ inclusive workplace. We are a proud partner of Pride at Work Canada. Through dialogue, education and thought leadership, Pride at Work Canada empowers employers to build workplaces that celebrate all employees regardless of gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Council (made up of both leadership and employees) guides and champions our efforts to build diverse and inclusive workplaces for all. It informs our collective strides towards bringing lasting, meaningful change to the biases that still sometimes limit our industry, and those within it.

Aecon is dedicated to a comprehensive, collaborative, Canada-wide approach to Indigenous engagement which includes acting as a responsible and respectful business partner, working side by side with community leaders and members and creating meaningful opportunities and relationships. 

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The goal of Aecon's Disabilities and Allies Employee Resource Group , is to foster an employee experience that supports and celebrates disabled employees. To work towards this goal, our employee resource group has chosen to focus on building an internal support team to discuss and act on issues affecting People with Disabilities and to provide training and opportunities for Aecon employees to better support People with Disabilities.

aWIN is a grassroots community for female employees and their allies, committed to building community, driving career development, and championing the advancement of women at Aecon and across our industry.

Aecon has partnered with the Toronto Community Benefits Network to support The NexGen Builders program, which prepares workers who have been historically underrepresented in the construction industry to successfully enter the workforce.

Lisa Jansen

"I’ve had great success throughout my five-year career at Aecon from having supportive managers and the support from Aecon’s Employee Resource Group & EDI Resource Group that has brought an extra layer of backing that employees and myself have access to. I’m proud to be a part of the change that Aecon continues to embark on."

Lisa Jansen

Adelina Cotognini

"Having a safe and non-judgemental space at work to share my lived experience as a member of an underrepresented group is truly important to me. Programming, events, and guest speakers who amplify the barriers of marginalized groups at work and provide tangible and real solutions to those barriers, only makes us more productive and incentivized employees for Aecon. EDI is a win-win for everyone!"

Equity Diversity and Inclusion Report

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