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Our AWIT program is currently recruiting women to #TradeUp! and launch their career in the trades with fully paid training, competitive wages, benefits, and more!

Build your career at Aecon.

We offer unique opportunities to grow and develop long-term careers as part of our Aecon team.

At Aecon, our leaders are here to guide you by helping to set realistic career objectives, discuss skills and interests, and offer valuable feedback and encouragement. You'll also find progressive peers to share the journey and measure growth and opportunity in your chosen field. So, while the initiative is yours, trust that we'll take care of the support.

Aecon offers unique opportunities for you to grow and build a long-term career. Our projects succeed when we have the right people with the right skills and we will work with everyone, regardless of their role, to ensure they have clear goals on how to gain the learning and experience on the job, to achieve your goals. 

Aecon Workers In Hardhats and Blueprints



To support your growth, Aecon University (AU) provides tools for feedback and assessments, learning and support to help you take control and drive your career. AU provides in-class, virtual and eLearning courses and programs you can select to build your learning plan.   

We provide a suite of tools and programs including:

  • Safety training
  • A world class leadership development program
  • Technical skills on project management
  • Individual Development Planning (IDP)
  • Soft skills support such as effective communication and time management

Aecon University’s goal is to provide effective learning that impacts each person’s growth and capability, so they can do more, be more effective and grow in our Aecon team.

Learning and Development

Our career management program is maintained through a well-developed talent management process and training and development curriculum.

Blue Print Leadership Program
A custom-made leadership program built for Aecon’s people leaders, regardless of position or tenure. It delves into the expectations Aecon has of all its people leaders, focusing on practical and relevant management tools and techniques.

Future Leaders Program
A program focused on building leadership knowledge, competency and skillsets of our high potential employees nominated through Aecon’s Talent Management Processes.

Next Generation Leaders
A program aimed at accelerating the development of experienced high potential managers and directors who have been nominated through Aecon’s Talent Management processes.

Project Coordinators Program
Specifically geared to providing a comprehensive and consistent baseline for project coordinators to learn how to build both their projects – and careers – at Aecon, this new program, rolled out to 385 project coordinators across Aecon, combines technical and soft skills, as well as important in-field days at Aecon project sites to help project coordinators evaluate real project tools in action.

Women’s Leadership Program
Each member of Aecon’s Executive Committee is responsible for the development and progression of a high potential woman at Aecon. The program aims to create opportunities for women to build networks, gain exposure to different parts of the organization and industry, and build skills for future growth.

Fraud Warning

It has come to our attention that various international organizations or individuals have been offering false employment opportunities at Aecon Group Inc. Our employment policies and processes involve interviews, and candidates who seek employment are never required to pay us any sum of money. To do so would be contrary to our business conduct guidelines and ethical practices. We also do not extend formal offers of employment or execute employment agreements through social media or social chat platforms.  We take this matter extremely seriously and are working with the appropriate authorities to shut down such fraudulent schemes. Please remain vigilant on this matter and report any suspicious outreach to your local authorities and email any concerns to