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Aecon is always looking for the next generation of bright and talented young minds. We offer exciting, meaningful and challenging opportunities for new grads and current students. 

Our team connects with the best schools across Canada and abroad in search of candidates to fill a wide range of career building roles, from on-site project team positions to key support services. Led by the guiding principles of our Aecon core values and policies, we hire for attitude, skill, potential and diversity.

New Hire Co-op Orientation

The first day of every co-op term starts off with a detailed orientation for our students that includes what to expect on the first day, meeting their Career Champions, taking part in icebreakers and much more! In person orientations are critical to helping new hires familiarize themselves with Aecon – allowing students to understand their roles, company expectations and policies, and settle in seamlessly. 

Two New Grads
Career Champions at Aecon

At Aecon, we strongly believe that career development is a never-ending journey, and we want to support our team members along the way. Our career champions are dedicated to each student regardless of what sector they work in. 

Career Champions are critical in helping our students become a source of knowledge, continue career growth, and develop personal and professional skills.

Engaging Leadership

Fostering meaningful connections between leadership and employees is crucial in driving Aecon forward. As part of our co-op program, there will be opportunities to engage with senior and executive leadership through projects and staff events.

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Job site experience

Aecon is proud to be working across North America delivering integrated solutions to private and public-sector clients.

The majority of the co-op placements at Aecon offer a site visit with the team to track work progress and ensure quality performance. As a co-op student, you will gain essential experience through our site visits and the opportunity to work collaboratively on projects.

Co-op Career Opportunities

At Aecon, our leaders are here to guide you by helping to set realistic career objectives, discuss skills and interests, and offer valuable feedback and encouragement. You'll also find progressive peers to share the journey and measure growth and opportunity in your chosen field.

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Human Resources