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Aecon CIPS Seven Generations (AC7G)



Aecon's joint venture with Cambium Indigenous Professional Services (CIPS), Aecon CIPS Seven Generations (AC7G) provides an Indigenous-led solution for scaffolding and related maintenance work in southwestern Ontario. AC7G operates as a subcontractor to Aecon on existing nuclear projects and plans to expand its offering to provide additional related services both to nuclear, and non-nuclear facilities.

CIPS is an Indigenous-owned and operated business, based at the Curve Lake First Nation outside Peterborough, Ontario. CIPS holds a majority interest in AC7G, which combines the Indigenous employment, training and planning expertise of CIPS, with Aecon's construction and project management skills.

The AC7G joint venture name is derived from the Anishnaabe roots of CIPS and based on the Indigenous Seventh Generation Principle – to think of the seventh generation coming after you in your words, work, actions, and to remember the seventh generation who came before you. 

Aecon’s vision statement in its Reconciliation Action Plan is to help advance reconciliation and co-create opportunities that provide sustainable and beneficial relationships aligned with the priorities and objectives of Indigenous Peoples. Aligning with this commitment, AC7G is a collaborative partnership to work together with Indigenous Peoples, support sustainable employment and economic advancement in Indigenous communities, and build on shared values to help benefit future generations. 

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