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Aecon Power Services has extensive experience delivering complex electrical transmission and substation projects.  Backed by diverse expertise of Aecon Utilities, we offer services that are unmatched in the electrical power industry:

  • Full-service EPC capabilities
  • Complex EPC substation and distribution line projects
  • Transmission line projects up to 500 kV in both DC and AC applications

Our Focus

We focus on safety, quality, value engineering, production, and sustainability to create a better workplace, a better product and ensure client satisfaction.

Safety is our #1 Core Value

The core values which drive our expert team on every project include safety, honesty, integrity, comradery, directness, appreciation, simplicity, passion, and transparency. 

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Join Our Team

At Voltage, our people are our most important resources and are at the heart of everything we do. We are always looking for exceptional candidates who want to work in a collaborative and exciting environment helping to bring power to the communities we live in.

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"Our team is agile, creative, and innovative, which provides our clients with diverse options and flexibility to deliver critical projects. We always work collaboratively as 'one team' with a focus on transparency, honesty, and building relationships that extend far beyond our projects."


Steve Jeffery, Director, Aecon Power Services

Indigenous Relations

We are dedicated to a comprehensive, collaborative, Canada-wide approach to Indigenous engagement.

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Our Communities

Our team operates year-round in every season, 365 days a year. As electricity enables so much of what we do as a society, we are proud to be a part of building the infrastructure that powers communities across the country. Our employees are part of these diverse communities and proudly support long-term sustainability and economic growth.


Our Projects

ATCO Electric Suncor Voyageur Line Construction
Alberta, Canada 

Includes the construction of approximately 34 kms of D/C 240kV transmission lines (9L162/9L193) from the Owner 951S Thickwood substation to Suncor’s 29EDD-94 Voyager substation. Work includes installing foundations, assembling and setting monopoles, and stringing the Suncor Voyager Cogeneration Project.

BC Hydro Peace River Electrical Supply Project (PRES Transmission Line)
British Columbia, Canada

Includes the construction of 58 kms of Twin 230kV wood H-frame lines from Site C Dam Substation to Shell Groundbirch Station.

BC Hydro Telkwa
British Columbia, Canada

Includes the construction of 5 kms of 500 kV transmission line bypass that generally includes material handling, site preparation, installation of 11 self supported lattice towers with grillage or rock anchored foundations, assembly, and erection of towers, stringing of a four-bundle phase conductor and testing and commissioning.

Manitoba Hydro Keeyask Switching Station
Manitoba, Canada

The installation included the construction of a 138kV ring bus, complete with seven 138kV breakers and associated equipment for the termination of four lines from the Keeyask Generating Station and three lines from Radisson Station.

Manitoba Hydro Manitoba-Minnesota Transmission Line – Section 1
Manitoba, Canada

As part of Muskeko JV (Voltage, Sigfusson, and Swampy Cree), Voltage Power is the Prime Contractor for the construction of 96 kms of 500 kV AC transmission line, access and ROW construction, and foundation work.

Manitoba Hydro De Salaberry East Station
Manitoba, Canada

Design and construction of a new 230-66kV station in the Grunthal/Steinbach area, including foundations, steel assembly and erection, bus work, cabling and termination, control building, oil containment systems, project and control systems, security systems, fire suppression, and commissioning of all systems.

New Gold Distribution
Ontario, Canada

The work consisted of EPC delivery for the turnkey construction of an overhead 3 Phase 13.8kV distribution line that is 13kms long to link the mine to the local utility grid with underground crossings. The project also included fibre optic lines along the same poles.

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