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Monseigneur-Langlois Bridge Reconstruction

Beauharnois, Quebec

The Monseigneur-Langlois Bridge Reconstruction project involved the construction of one new bridge, the renovation of another, and the construction of two new retaining walls.

The principal element of the project was the construction of the new bridge composed of five spans with a total length of 113 metres and width of 23 metres.

Quebec Ministry of Transport


The second element was the smaller bridge which involved the demolition of the existing bridge, and the reconstruction of a new, wider bridge. The foundations were 1.5 metres underwater, built using a dry sheet pile cofferdam anchored in the rock bed, and the new bridge was built as an integral bridge – meaning that the deck and the abutments were in one piece.

The third element involved the construction of two retaining walls which were 200 metres in length and six metres in height.

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