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Building Innovation


Recognizing the importance of connecting what we do with why we do it, we’ve articulated our purpose as building what matters to enable future generations to thrive. We’re working to meet the urgent need for sustainable, resilient infrastructure. With a strong commitment to sustainability — supporting our clients in meeting ambitious environmental goals and acting responsibly in every aspect of our business — we seek to both realize and catalyze positive change. Along with our partners and clients, we’re helping to build thriving communities and support the transition to a decarbonized economy.

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Sustainability Focus

Supporting Communities

Building Innovation, Operationalizing Sustainability, People and Communities & Governance and Ethics

Managing our
Greenhouse Gas Emissions


In April 2021, Aecon announced a target to reach net-zero (scopes 1, 2 & 3) by 2050, with an initial interim target to achieve a 30 per cent reduction in direct CO2 emissions (scopes 1 and 2) by 2030 as compared to 2020. Aecon achieved a 15 per cent year-over-year CO2 emissions reduction on an intensity basis in 2021.
Explore our GHG Reduction Strategy

Performance Highlights

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Focus Areas

Building Innovation

For Aecon, innovation is about more than leading-edge technology. Innovation is also about collaborating with partners and suppliers – sharing ideas, resources and opportunities in order to accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices and achieve positive impacts together.

People and Communities

In addition to meeting high standards of sustainability and responsible operation, we take active steps to help people and communities share in the benefits and opportunities associated with our work.

Operationalizing Sustainability

Aecon continuously seeks opportunities to reduce emissions and incorporate sustainable innovations into our day-to-day functions – from adopting zero-emissions equipment to refining our operating procedures.

Governance and Ethics

We frequently update our policies and protocols to ensure we’re keeping pace with leading practices in areas such as diversity and anti-corruption – and we work closely with our teams and suppliers to ensure that everyone associated with Aecon is prepared to achieve high levels of both performance and accountability.


Our Stakeholders

In addition to this approach to our materiality assessment, we continuously engage with our stakeholder groups in a range of ways — from staff surveys and focus groups to quarterly earnings conference calls with shareholders. Our engagement with investors continues to be guided by our Stakeholder Engagement Policy.

Read more about how we engage with each of our stakeholder groups on page 14 of our 2020 Sustainability Report.

Aecon Stakeholders: Clients, Employees, Investors, Trades, Suppliers, Joint Ventures, Communities

Aecon & Global Goals

United Nations - Sustainabale Development Goals Logo

To guide global efforts toward sustainable development, the United Nations has articulated 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Given the complexity of today’s social, economic and environmental challenges, actors across society - governments, nonprofits, businesses and civil society organizations - all have an important role to play in advancing these goals.

Aecon embraces our responsibility to contribute to a more prosperous and sustainable future. We track our contributions to the six SDGs and 11 targets where we believe we can have the greatest impact given the nature of our work and our priorities as an organization.

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Affordable and Clean Energy

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Clean Water and Sanitation

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Decent Work and Economic Growth

Infrastructure Icon

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

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Responsible Consumption and Production

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Sustainable Cities and Communities

Materiality Matrix

This materiality matrix shows the importance assigned to each topic by Aecon’s internal stakeholders (the left-right axis) and external stakeholders (the up-down axis). We find significant alignment between Aecon employees’ key priorities and the topics that are likely to be significant in shaping the decisions and impressions of Aecon’s external stakeholders.

Graph of Influence on External Stakeholder Assessment and Decisions versus Internal Prioritization
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People and Communities


Aecon enables communities to prosper. We do this through both what we build – infrastructure that supports economic growth and improves quality of life – and how we operate as an employer and community member.

Explore People and Communities

Operationalizing Sustainability


Over the past couple of years, we’ve implemented a comprehensive program to measure and reduce our GHG emissions, an initiative that affects every aspect of our work. On a smaller scale, we’ve introduced a number of low-tech process tweaks, achieving small benefits that add up over time.  

Explore Operationalizing Sustainability

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Governance & Ethics

Governance & Ethics


Aecon has a record of upholding high standards of governance, ethics, compliance and risk management. We have taken proactive steps to strengthen our performance and accountability in a number of areas, including through anti-corruption training and new risk management mechanisms.

Explore Governance & Ethics


Aecon welcomes all feedback and innovative ideas on our sustainability initiatives and progress. Send us a message at

Contact our Sustainability Team

Yonni Fushman

Yonni Fushman 
EVP, Chief Legal Officer & Chief Sustainability Officer
(416) 297-2617

Prabh Banga

Prabh Banga 
Director, Sustainability
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