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Winnipeg North End Sewage Treatment Plant (NEWPCC)

Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Winnipeg North End Sewage Treatment Plant (NEWPCC) project is one of the largest wastewater infrastructure projects in North America. It is the first of three projects for upgrading the NEWPCC, which will help protect Winnipeg’s waterways and meet the needs of its growing population.

Red River Solutions, a 50/50 joint venture between Aecon and Oscar Renda Contracting of Canada Inc., is responsible for both the design and construction of a new headworks facility that will include.

  • A raw sewage pump station
  • A micro-tunnel extension of existing interceptor sewers
  • A grit removal system
  • A main control room
  • Fine screens and compactors
  • A plant emergency generator facility

City of Winnipeg


The NEWPCC provides 70 per cent of Winnipeg’s wastewater treatment and is the oldest and largest sewage treatment plant in the city. The plant is being upgraded to comply with Environment Act Licence requirements as mandated by Manitoba’s Clean Environment Commission.

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