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Aecon hosts 9th annual Safety Day

Oct 3, 2013

On Thursday, October 3, Aecon hosted its 9th annual “Safety Day” at job sites and offices across Canada. Aecon’s 12,000 employees, along with partners and clients attended the event to recognize and acknowledge the importance of Aecon’s “Safety First” core value.

“Safety Day is our opportunity to demonstrate Aecon’s commitment to safety, both in ensuring a safe workplace across our many job sites and delivering our client’s needs,” said Mike Archambault, Senior Vice President and Chief Safety Officer. “Safety is the responsibility of all of us at Aecon to make certain we return home safely to our families each and every day.”

Over 160 dedicated safety personnel located across Canada are tasked with ensuring the strict implementation of Aecon’s safety program.

The Safety Day theme was “Hoisting and Rigging” and encompasses all activities where equipment is used to raise, move or transport loads or materials. Attendees were treated to a “Toolbox Talk” video presentation, where John Beck, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and Teri McKibbon, President and Chief Operating Officer, outlined different hoisting and rigging best practices.

John Beck attended the Safety Day event at the Darlington Energy Complex in Clarington, Ontario and addressed over 200 employees, clients, and SLN-Aecon joint venture partners working on the Darlington Retube and Feeder Replacement project. Mr. Beck outlined the importance of implementing rigorous nuclear construction safety procedures and standards at the project site, where critical work to erect the reactor structure and tooling is underway as part of the Darlington refurbishment project.

“Working safely happens when everyone adheres to the policies and procedures set out for the various tasks their job requires,” said Mr. Beck. “If we all commit to knowing and following the necessary safety precautions, consistently and diligently, we make Aecon a safe and sustainable workplace. In return, we build projects for our clients that are to the highest standard possible.” 

Aecon’s unwavering commitment to safety has been recognized with an industry-leading 99% safety audit rating by the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association. Aecon has also received numerous third party safety awards, including the Canadian Construction Association’s National Safety Award.