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Aecon proud to be recognized as a Top Canadian company by the LinkedIn community

Mar 28, 2018

Aecon’s greatest asset is its people. Creating an engaging culture is a point of pride for people across our organization.

We see the positive result of the time invested in our culture reflected every day and in countless ways. From the projects we work on across Canada to the industry-leading benefits & learning opportunities and the incredible culture found in our organization, Aecon is an attractive destination for job seekers.

On LinkedIn, Aecon built a strong community of employees reflecting our values and culture. Recently, LinkedIn named Aecon among its top companies where Canadians want to work.

It’s an honour of which we’re quite proud. Aecon is proud whenever it’s recognized outside the organization by industry leaders, but one aspect of this honour is a point of pride for our team. LinkedIn’s Top Companies list isn’t decided by a mysterious panel or the size of our advertisement budget. It’s decided by LinkedIn users, through their actions on the world’s largest professional network.

LinkedIn based their ranking of medium and large employers in Canada on four main pillars:

- Job demand

- Engagement

- Employee interest

- Employee retention

This means Aecon job postings attract a lot of attention, in the form of views and applications. It means LinkedIn users engage with Aecon by following our updates and frequently viewing our career page – both non-employees and current staffers alike.

Additionally, Canadian LinkedIn users connect with Aecon employees to learn more about what we’re all about and, once they join our team, they tend to stick around.

These actions speak louder than words. It’s a testament to our people and our culture, and it’s something worth celebrating.

Thank you to all Aecon employees for serving as such great ambassadors for our company. We look forward to building even more things that matter, within our organization and in the world around us, into the future.