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Aecon supports Pathways to Education Canada to benefit youth in low-income communities

Nov 18, 2020

Aecon is pleased to announce a contribution in support of Pathways to Education Canada – an organization committed to supporting youth in low-income communities to graduate from high school and successfully transition to post-secondary education, training and meaningful employment.  

Working alongside the school system through a network of staff, volunteers and partners, Pathways helps youth overcome barriers that can stand in the way of education. Through after-school tutoring, group and career mentoring, short and long-term financial assistance and one-on-one support, the program helps youth in low-income communities unlock their potential to achieve a brighter future.

“Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, two of Aecon’s key focus areas have been supporting charities that benefit youth and the communities in which we live and work. With this contribution, Aecon is proud to support the vision of Pathways to break the cycle of poverty through education and make Canada a nation in which all youth have an equal opportunity to graduate from high school and achieve future success,” said Yonni Fushman, Chief Legal Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer, Aecon.

With this vision in mind, Pathways aims to make Canada a Graduation Nation and close the achievement gap in Canada’s low-income communities – making high school completion a national priority.

According to the 2016 Canadian Census, only nine per cent of young people in Canada do not have a high school diploma – but in some low-income communities, this figure can reach up to 50 per cent. Last year, Pathways increased graduation rates in the communities it serves by an average of 44 per cent, and 74 per cent of students enrolled in the program transitioned to post-secondary education or training after high school.

Pathways currently supports:



“As we like to say at Aecon, we are Building the Infrastructure of a Better Tomorrow. Supporting the education of youth ultimately results in meaningful employment with companies like Aecon, and with companies in other industries nationwide. We are pleased to be a part of building a foundation for the success of future generations,” said Fushman.

Founded in 2001, Pathways to Education was born in Toronto, Ontario, through the Regent Park Community Health Centre’s (RPCHC) vision that the children of Regent Park would become the doctors, nurses, social workers, community health workers, and administrators within the community. In 2005, Pathways to Education Canada was formed with the goal of replicating Regent Park’s success in communities across Canada. Today, Pathways works with communities nationwide to help level the playing field for Canada’s young people. For more information, visit

As a Canadian leader in construction and infrastructure development, Aecon embraces its responsibility in building a sustainable future. This commitment goes beyond the safe and sustainable infrastructure projects that Aecon constructs and includes a commitment to fostering inclusive and collaborative relationships with impactful organizations such as Pathways to Education Canada.

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